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Optimize your investments, pensions and insurance plans

Personal, independent insurance & pension agent serving small businesses and individuals across Israel


Helping you understand and manage your long-term savings in Israel

Most of us don't fully understand the ins and outs of our Pension plans and long term savings.

We see monthly charges toward insurance but not sure what exactly we are covered for and why.

I help business owners, employees, and retirees understand all of their options, choose the right plan for them, maximise tax benefits, understand what insurances are important for you and have clarity of your  policies, insurances and finances while giving ongoing personal service. 



The insurance world is always changing as is are our personal insurance “needs” 
Its important to know what you are covered for, what you are paying for and make sure your polices are up to date as far as coverages and prices. 

  • Life Insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Critical illness

  • Disability insurance

Pension Management

Making the “right”decision here can and will have a substancial impact on how much money you retire with. I believe that this is one of the top most important and impactful financial subjects.


  • Pension fund

  • Kupat Gemel

  • Managers funds (ביטוח מנהלים)


Investing can be complex if its from different tax benefits, personal risk tolerance, time horizons and goals. 

I will help you get your money working for you based on your financial situation and goals.

  • Keren Hishtalmut

  • Kupat Gemel Lehashkaa

  • BTB

  • Financial policies

  • Kupat Gemel 


A Holistic Approach to Finances

The pension, insurance and investment worlds are all connected and it's very important to look at all of them together as well as your individual status and financial situation in order to make the best decisions on all  of these areas. 


Meet David 

My name is David Raphael Shatsky. I am a Licensed Pension/Insurance Agent in Israel.

Prior to becoming self-employed, I gained experience as a pension advisor at Bank Discount and as an insurance agent for one of the largest agencies in Israel servicing mostly hi-tech companies and clients.

I am now an independent agent, and I can offer better, more personalized service to my clients than ever before. I understand just how complex, bureaucratic, frustrating and overwhelming the insurance system can be. It doesn't have to be!

Meet David


“David Shatsky takes the fear out of all thing’s investment! David educated me, in the simplest of terms, and guided me towards making very informed investments decisions. I highly recommend him!”


-Shelley D.  |   Modi'in


If you're ready to take control of your finances set up a free consultation call.

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